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About Us

TuShea Productions is Your Multimedia Marketing Source for Creative Solutions

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The Mission


TuShea Productions is committed to helping clients develop ideas through visual multimedia communication. It was the love for creating and designing for people that lead to the development of the company in 2007. The people that needed our professional skills and creative talents were numerous.

Project Management

& Strategic Execution


TuShea Productions uses a strategic process (our road map to success) in getting a clear understanding of the clients vision through customer analysis, internal business analysis, and strategic choices.

The creative director of TuShea Productions manages every project to ensure all plans are on course to reach a successful conclusion with measurable results.

The success of TuShea Productions is driven by believing in the clients project to produce a great product that yields results in revenue. It is about listening and concentrating on what fits their visual needs in their market. The overall purpose of the company is to maximize creativity and professional multimedia skills in helping your business reach success through your vision.


We have dedicated our talents and skills toward helping businesses succeed in their market because there’s no job too big or small that can’t be done.

Planning Process


All projects begin with a collaborative planning session which focuses on gathering information and establishing design criteria. Refinement and reviews will be made concerning the accepted design including the general format, typography, color, and other elements until we reach the final presentation for production and deliverables.

There are preliminary reviews, critical product reviews, final product reviews, scheduling, cost and materials and elements that are included in the creative design process to insure quality.

Germaine S. Compton

Owner, Creative Director

and Multimedia Designer

Developing a Budget


The creative director will work within the budget that is necessary to achieve your project. The budgeting process establishes a means for documenting and tracking the cost goals for all contractually authorized work.

Overall Service


TuShea Production produces engaging content, amazing visuals that you can’t turn your head from, and an abundance of ways of expression that’s memorable.


Our staff truly values the relationships of all clients and welcomes new ideas and opportunities. We believe in every client having a one-of-a-kind product with everything customized to the clients liking.


Thank you for choosing

TuShea Productions.

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